Aloysia Romaine Berens, Dr. phil.

Middelage & Renaissance-Research


In its plainest sense Perreal-Research focuses on the life and work of the  outstanding court painter Jean Perreal, also called Jehan de Paris. In a larger sense perreal-research means an interdisciplinary study on art,  literature,  humanistic philosophy and politics of his time, beginning some decades around 1500 and including the sixteenth century,  not only in France, but in many other countries of Renaissance-Europe.


ARL continues an equal research on Jean de Bondol, alias Jean de Bruges, another royal court painter, who lived a century earlier. He is the designer of the famous Apocalypse-tapistries in Angers. More about him, as well as about the poet and musician Guillaume de Machaut and the sofar considered anonymous Master of Vyssi Brod, is to be found on her site


Recently ARB's attention was focused on the tapistries of the time of Emperor Charles V. She rises an intrigating question about the Hunts of Maximilian I., earlier decorating the walls of the Mansfeld Palace in Luxemburg. More research in this field led her to condider emperor Charles V as having been the true owner of this disappeared castle, La Fontaine.



All kinds of news about expositions or other manifestations concerning Renaissance-Europe are wellcome, and may be published on this site.

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